It's the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. That means lots of people traveling and visiting friends and family.

Reuters is forecasting that 53.4 million will be traveling this Thanksgiving. And most of those will be traveling on the roads and highways.

With that many folks traveling it means that lots of people sleeping over at hosts' homes. That can be good or bad.

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Some friends and/or relatives can do things that you wouldn't dream of doing when a guest at someone else's home.

Check out this list from and Mattress Firm of the Most Annoying Things Guests Do While Sleeping Over For Thanksgiving...Yikes!

  • Arrive unannounced or without an invitation 49%
  • Snoop around 48%
  • Break/damage host's belongings 48%
  • Leave a mess when departing 45%
  • Be too loud 45%
  • Smoke 44%
  • Leave a mess in the bathroom 40%
  • Stay up all night watching TV with volume up high 39%
  • Come back drunk 39%
  • Be too demanding 39%

And not to put too fine a point on the this list of the Top 10 Worst Things Hosts Say Their Guests Have Done...

  • “Slept in the living room naked.”
  • “Broke my couch.”
  • “Caught them taking money out of my wife’s purse.”
  • “Ate my leftovers from the fridge.”
  • “Got drunk and redid my Christmas decorations.”
  • “Left crushed Oreos all over my brand-new mattress.”
  • “Let a pet sleep in the bed with them.”
  • “Stole one of my Wii remotes.”
  • “Set the room on fire.”
  • “Punched a hole in the wall.”


Iowa Palmer Company's Twin Bing Products

Can you even really claim to live in this part of the country if you've never had a Twin Bing?


"It consists of two round, chewy, cherry-flavored nougats coated with a mixture of chopped peanuts and chocolate. The Twin Bing was introduced in the 1960s," -Wikipedia

Not only has the TB been a staple of the Sioux Empire for over half a decade, but the makers of the classic candy have also infused the unique cherry and chocolate flavor into lots of other things.


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