This time of the year being outside is much more enjoyable.  Temperatures are getting cooler, humidity isn't quite as noticeable and those little annoying pests, the mosquitoes, aren't quite as prevalant.  There was a time this summer however, a person could see these flying insects just hovering on the outside range of the citronella candle or bug spray fumes, simply waiting for their chance to make you their "supper". But believe it or not, there is one place to the north that claims to have more mosquitoes than any other city in North America. That city is Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Because of rich soil and clay deposits, humid and wet conditions and stagnant water ponds that can be seen on the landscape, experts in Winnipeg, Manitoba have started to call the mosquito the unofficial bird of Winnipeg.

With the help of helicopters and trucks, people in Winnipeg have been fighting with the mosquitoes for years. From pesticides and insecticides to more organic ideas of lemon, witch hazel and the seeds of an evergreen tree found in India, a crew of 160 from the insect control board have been trying to make Winnipeg less “itchy” for residents and tourists. The city has even tested a natural pesticide made from chrysanthemum flowers and a spray using garlic.

There are some in Winnipeg that try to make money from the "Manitoban Air Force." Gift stores sell mosquito-theme shirts, postcards, little metal mosquito traps and other souvenirs. There has even been a giant mosquito statue built that tourists can have their picture taken with.  Maybe Sioux Falls could add one of those on their Downtown Sculpture Walk!

Facebook/Mosquito Magnet