Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans enjoyed waterslides, waterfalls and countless hours of bliss and relaxation on a recent vacation, captured on video fro Evans' "Day Drunk" music video.

"I've never been the 'drinking song' guy, but this song came from a real place and is really more about spending a day with your person than it is about just going getting drunk," Evans tells Entertainment Tonight. "There's a reason why I love it so much and feel like I can sing it."

The video also showcases a moment in which Evans appears to put on a new wedding band.

"I've never been a jewelry guy,” Evans explains. "The actual ring, it annoyed me picking up things and it would get clunky when I would play guitar, so I bought this packet of four silicon rings from Amazon — it was $10 for a pack of four — so I generally just wear one of those. So, yes, I did lose a wedding band, but it was just one of the silicon ones. I lost it when I was surfing and didn't even realize. We were out and we found this little market stall and they had a bunch of rings there, so now I have a Hawaiian one, as well."

Here’s to hoping Evans is more careful with his wedding band in the days ahead, as the Aussie country music star finds himself smack dab in the muddle of his 10 in 10 tour, which has him crisscrossing the country promoting his songs such as “Day Drunk” and the wildly popular hit "Kiss Somebody."

Adorable Pictures of Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans

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