Some people say the new trending of honeymooning without your new partner is healthy.

People like myself think it's weird and we don't need to make everything a trend and a hashtag and a social media post.

But if you feel the need to name something you are doing I don't need to see what you are up to.

Solomooning is the latest trend for people who get married and choose to take a trip with some friends or by themselves instead of their new spouse.

From a story in Yahoo! Finance:

Yep, some newlyweds are taking their own post-wedding trips. Alone. Also called “unimooning,” solomooning has even gotten coverage in The New York TimesWe’ve got to say, it’s kind of strange. Isn’t going on a big trip together part of the fun? Where else would you gossip about what happened at your reception?

For the entire Yahoo! Finance story click here.

Like most trends this one to me appears to be about people needing attention for what they are doing, and less about what they are actually doing.

If it wasn't about the attention you get for being so trendy, why the need to make it a spectacle? Why not just do your thing and leave it at that?


Privacy and subtlety is not the culture we live in, everything needs a photo, a caption, hashtag, and a reaction other wise it never happened.

I guess the happily ever after story line doesn't necessarily require air fare for two people.


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