There has been a moose wandering around the Sioux Falls area this week. As you can see in Daniel Groenewold's facebook post he spotted a moose on Sunday hanging out in a cornfield south of Hartford.

Yesterday, the assumed same moose was observed walking around 60th and Marion Road in northwestern Sioux Falls.

Every now and again a wayward moose comes to visit us here in Sioux Falls from up north. Sometimes moose wander south perhaps after losing a turf war with a more dominate moose.

Remember back in 2016 when South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks had a vet from the Great Plains Zoo tranquilize a moose by the Farmers Co-op in Corson. They loaded that one up and released him in a safe undisclosed location.

Back in the late 2005 Patty and I were out driving and spotted a moose by the Holiday Station Store at 26th and Sertoma.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources moose are very active during the rut season from early-September through mid-October. Then the rut abruptly ends and moose return to their lives of eating and resting as they prepare for winter.


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