Miranda Lambert has never been shy when it comes to her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, and his God-like physique — she regularly shares pictures of her bare-chested hubby with fans.

While some may be concerned that she could be exploiting her husband with all of this shirtless content, Lambert says there is nothing to worry about.

“He loves it, by the way," she tells Rolling Stone in a new feature story. "He’s on board and thinks it’s funny.”

It would appear that Lambert's philosophy falls more along the lines of, "if you've got it, flaunt it."

“I told him, ‘God gave you that amazing body. You’re beautiful. Please share with the world. Don’t be rude,'" she jokes.

Much like the music Lambert makes, she believes that Loughlin works hard to stay in shape — whether that's in the gym or working around their farm. After all, slinging hay bales around sure does a body good.

For those still concerned, the shirtless photos are all in good fun. In fact, Lambert says they are an example of the fun and playful dynamic the two have in their marriage.

“I tend to take myself way too seriously sometimes,” she admits, “But he’s just a fun-loving, fun-hearted guy that is down for anything.”

Of course not every photo of the former NYPD officer is sans shirt — Loughlin does clean up nicely and looks quite handsome in a suit and tie:

Lambert is gearing up to release her new album, Palomino. The project is the follow-up to her Grammy-nominated The Marfa Tapes and will feature some studio versions of a few of those songs recorded in the wide open spaces of West Texas. Those include "In His Arms," "Waxahachie" and "Geraldine."

Lambert's Palomino will arrive April 29.

Miranda Lambert + Brendan McLoughlin at the 2021 Grammy Awards

Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan McLoughlin walk the red carpet prior to the 2021 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, on Sunday (March 14). The couple of two-plus years appear on a night that the singer is nominated for multiple awards and set to perform her song "Bluebird."

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