Minnesota Vikings fans aren't on the list of 'most likely to start a fight,' but the fanbase is regarded as one that keeps the peace.

It should come as no surprise that on a new list and study conducted by USBets that the Philadelphia Eagles and Las Vegas Raiders rank on top of the fans that are most likely to start a fight. Everyone knows about the reputations that those two fanbases have built up over the years. Better yet, both the Eagles and Raiders fans were voted as the top two fanbases most likely to win a fight. Guess it's best that if they instigate it that they win it.

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But what about the 'peacekeepers' of the league? The Seattle Seahawks have been ranked as the fanbase with the most 'peacekeepers' or those most likely to stop a fight. Minnesota is ranked close behind Seattle in second. San Francisco, Arizona, and Tennessee round out the top five for peacekeepers.

Then there are the losers of the fights. The study found that fans of the Indianapolis Colts are most likely to lose a fight. How? Not really sure, but we probably don't need Colts fans to try and prove this wrong. Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, and Miami also made the list.

Now that fans are fully back in the stands at each stadium, social media has shown issues popping up between fans at games. That led USBets to prompt the study in October 2021.

To see the entire list of all four categories, click here...and watch out for any Eagles fans around the area.


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