All of us who have had dogs know that the worst part of dog ownership is cleaning up after our pets, especially picking up their poop.

That said, obviously, it is a necessity especially right after your dog does #2 on one of your neighbor's yard.

Sometimes though, the dog walker decides to disregard common courtesy or even local laws and leaves a big duece from Clifford right on your freshly groomed grass.

One Minnesota town is fighting back against left behind dog poop and encouraging its citizens to take action.

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The town of Plymouth, MN is asking its residents to call 911 when they see someone not pick up their dog poop.

Here is part of the request from the city of Plymouth.

For the safety of the community, residents who observe violations of the above animal ordinances or any other public safety concerns are encouraged to call 911 immediately so that a community service officer or police officer can respond.

Now they aren't just taking this dramatic step to shame or penalize the dog walkers, but also it is an effort to keep the water runoff from containing all that bacteria left behind by the dog waste.

So the question becomes, are you ok with people calling 911 on those who don't pick up their dog's waste?

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