Did you know that the Tooth Fairy is leaving more loot for kids in South Dakota than she does for kids in Minnesota? What's up with that?

How much does the Tooth Fairy leave under the pillow for your kids? When my kids were little the “TF”, that's what we called her, left $.50 cents maybe $1 buck if it was a good year.

Well, that's not cutting it today. Maybe it's inflation. But apparently, the Tooth Fairy / TF is paying out record prices in 2022. That's according to Delta Dental.

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Check this out...the average price for a tooth in 2022 has hit a record high of $5.36 per tooth. Delta Dental has been tracking the late-night Cuspid Collector since 1998.

On average in 1998 an incisor left under a pillow would get your little angel around $1.50. That's an increase of $3.86 in 24 years. Not bad.

Now here's where it gets really interesting. Dentalcarealliance.net has broken down the numbers to see what the Tooth Fairy is leaving on average per state.

Photo courtesy of dentalcarealliance.net
Photo courtesy of dentalcarealliance.net

You can see by the numbers that South Dakota kids on average are only getting about $.02 cents more than Minnesota kids per bicuspid at around $4.23.

While Iowa kids are getting just $2.30...(apparently someone in the Hawkeye state made the TF angry??)

Here is the average "Tooth Take" per each in states around South Dakota...

  • South Dakota = $4.24
  • Minnesota = $4.22
  • Iowa = $2.30
  • North Dakota = $3.02
  • Nebraska = $2.59
  • Wisconsin = $5.89 (Wow...Wisconsin kids must be really good!?)

Ok, let's do the math. If the average youngin' loses 20 teeth during its youth at $5.36 per pearly white that totals...$107.20 large per kid.

Multiply that by, I don't know, a few million kids...that's a lot of loot! The Tooth Fairy must be loaded!?

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