A tiger at The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota has tested positive for the coronavirus. The 21-year-old female Bengal tiger started showing symptoms several weeks ago. She is now almost fully recovered. Veterinarians believe she may have caught the virus from an asymptomatic person.

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-Tammy from the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota posted on their Facebook page :

“If the rehoming efforts of the recent big cats didn't test us enough, what came after surely did.

Shortly after their arrival, Marcus and Winona started showing upper respiratory symptoms, including intermittent wheezing. They were given antibiotics and observed closely.

Similar to domestic cats, big cats can break out with upper respiratory infections from stress. Our concerns elevated when more cats began showing similar symptoms, including 21-year old tigress Sabrina. We checked all bedding and buildings for mold to ensure there wasn't a respiratory irritant.

As a precaution due to her age, the vet team sedated Sabrina. While under anesthesia, swab samples were taken and sent to the lab for upper respiratory diseases and viruses, including Covid-19.

The initial results from Idexx Laboratories were positive for Covid-19. Results from the U.S Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Services Laboratories are pending and should arrive shortly.

The Bronx Zoo, Knoxville Zoo, and Louisville Zoo have had cats test positive, too. Most recently, gorillas at the San Diego zoo did as well. Talking to other facilities, some are seeing similar symptoms in big cats and treating symptomatically.

Some of our tigers, lions, and cougars had shown mild symptoms. They are all bright, alert, and responsive under close veterinary care and all have recovered. No new cats have shown symptoms.”

Well, it's sure good that they are recovering well but what does this mean? If animals can get COVID-19 assumedly from humans does that mean that they can infect humans? Do we have to start putting masks on our house cats? That wouldn't end well...

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