One Minnesota teenager almost got herself and others killed by watching Netflix while driving down a busy highway.

On the list of "Things You Shouldn't Be Doing While Driving"...#1 should be watching TV. 

The StarTribune in Minneapolis is reporting that a teenage girl was driving distracted in Anoka County, just north of Minneapolis, when she collided with a semi-trailer.

The youth was watching an episode of "Stranger Things" on Netflix when she crossed the centerline of the road and hit the Semi.

Stranger Things-Netflix
Stranger Things-Netflix

The minor driver's name and age have not been released. It's reported that she did have minor injuries.

According to the StarTribune “multiple witnesses told authorities they saw the teen driver squarely in the path of the oncoming truck just before the collision. The teen driver's vehicle rolled over after crossing the centerline. The truck driver swerved out of the way to avoid a head-on collision”

The teen driver denied she was on her phone while driving but officers on the scene noted that the car's Bluetooth system was still streaming audio from the Netflix hit show “Stranger Things”.

She was ticketed for distracted driving.


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