The highways are busy again, filled with travelers fanning out across America looking for vacation fun and getaways. Most are looking for a break from the everyday routine and some of those people may be asking for trouble. In South Dakota, we've heard over and over of people trying to get close and personal for a quick selfie with a buffalo. Yep, not a good idea.

Now, the state of Minnesota is preaching from the same hymnal  In a recent press release from Minnesota News Connection, they stated;

"If you see one of the incredible wildlife animals that make their home in our national parks, maybe just enjoy seeing it from afar and, you know, get out your binoculars if you have them. This is not the year for selfies with bears."

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That got me thinking. What are some animals you should probably take a pass on when it comes to taking selfies? A couple of animals came to mind. Skunks? Yep.  You might want to avoid trying to snap a shot with the striped stinky one. A Rattlesnake? Though technically a reptile I would avoid trying to snap a quick one with a Diamondback.

Here's another no-brainer, a bucking bull. You know. The ones that work for 8 seconds a week to wreck the world of rodeo riders and clowns. Yeah, I think not.

Brahma Bucking Bull
Photo by JD Collins

Even though I understand the concept of taking a vacation for a diversion, here's one that I will forever wonder why it may have seemed like a good idea at the time. Here's a guy that went on vacation and thought it best to go for a swim, with a shark!

Used with permission
Used with permission

How about you? Have you ever taken a photo with an animal that maybe you shouldn't have? If so, I would love to hear from you!  You can email me anytime at

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