A Minnesota museum has created a contest that sounds like it could give "Chucky" from Child's Play and "Annabelle" from the motion picture "The Conjuring" a run for their money.

KDLT TV is reporting the History Center of Olmsted County in Rochester, Minnesota recently posted photos and videos of some of their creepiest dolls just in time for Halloween. The museum is asking for people to vote for what they feel is the creepiest, most nightmarish looking one.

According to KDLT, Dan Nowakowski, the museum curator says the dolls were always intended to be creepy looking when they were first made, but damage from play and the passage of time have amped up the toys creep factor even more.

The Olmsted County History Center plans to display the winner and runner-up of the creepy doll contest right before Halloween.

Take a peek at some of the creepy dolls in the contest here, if you dare!

Source: KDLT TV

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