It is perhaps the healthiest thing you can do for your body and it doesn't come in a pill, at a gym, or in a health food store.

It's a good night's sleep.

And when it comes to getting maximum zzzs in America, Minnesota is the place to be.

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The sleep experts at looked at posts on Twitter containing the hashtags #goodmorning and #goodnight — to determine the average wake-up times and bedtimes in more than 130 countries around the world.

And while North America as a whole is getting the least amount of sleep of any continent, the Twin Cities are a snoozers paradise.

Minneapolis clocked in at an average of nine hours and 46 minutes of slumber per night to take the number-one spot as the U.S. city getting the most sleep. St. Paul was a close second with nine hours and 39 minutes of sleep per night.

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Those numbers far exceed the national average of eight hours and 11 minutes.

So how does Minneapolis do it? They hit the sack early and stay there longer.

The North Star State's largest city is tied with Lincoln, Nebraska for the earliest average bedtime (10:59 PM) and doesn't get up until 8:45 AM, which is the latest average wake-up time in America.

But how do the largest cities in South Dakota and Iowa stack up?

Both get an average of more than nine hours of sleep each night (Sioux Falls 9:26, Des Moines 9:16), both get to bed a little after 11 each night (Sioux Falls 11:05 PM, Des Moines 11:12 PM), and both roll out of the rack at around 8:30 ( Des Moines 8:28 AM, Sioux Falls 8:31 AM).

As a state, both South Dakota (8:43 - 4th best) and Iowa (8:33 - 10th best) are in the top ten for average sleep duration, but they can't touch Minnesota's national best eight hours and 54 minutes.

As for the most sleep-deprived places in America, folks in Detroit get the least amount of shut-eye (5:19). Not surprisingly, the Wolverine State is also the place where people toss and turn the most, logging just an average of five hours and 56 minutes of sleep per night.

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