I had no idea but apparently, there is a large group of people that find it cumbersome to change their underwear every single day. Ok. If you are in that group a Minnesota-based company has just the thing for you. Self-Cleaning Underwear.

Wenceslaus Muenyi is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who lives in St. Paul Minnesota. He started HercLeon which makes a whole line of self-cleaning stuff including, what I'm sure will be a big stocking-stuffer for the 2021 holiday season, Self-cleaning Underwear.

The idea for the groundbreaking undies came to Muenyi after an "emotional-getaway trip to Iceland following the death of his mother".  In 2019 HercLéon released its first “active-clean shirt” called the Apollo. The self-cleaning shirt was the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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Hercleon developed a product called Kribi described as “Underwear that you could wear for days even weeks.” The fabric is made with a blend of Bamboo, Eucalyptus, Beechwood, and Copper fibers that they claim will self-clean and fight bacteria in your dainty's for days.

They have a whole line of self-cleaning items that we would normally think should be washed frequently, but no wait ... you can get sell self-cleaning socks, t-shirts, face masks, bed sheets, and of course underwear.

The company was even on the TV show Shark Tank where they posed the questions: “Are you ready to join the movement? Are you ready to start living a laundry-free life?” No...I don't think I am.

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