What could be better for Christmas than wrapping your thoughtful gifts in paper that smells like Minnesota Black Label Bacon!?

Now you can win some! Minnesota-based Hormel foods is giving away “Black Label Bacon Wrapping Paper” just in time for your holiday gift-giving!

Hormel Foods Black Label Bacon Wrapping Paper
Hormel Foods Black Label Bacon Wrapping Paper

If you've ever been through Austin, Minnesota on I-90 you've driven by the Hormel headquarters. In years past they have come up with some fun gift ideas, but this one might just top them all.

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Hormel posted on their website, “Finding the perfect gift is hard. But transforming your gift from scary to merry is easy with Hormel Black Label Bacon Wrapping Paper. With its delectably decorative bacon weave pattern, and the joyous scent of Hormel Black Label Bacon baked into every sheet, even unwrapping a humble pair of socks can be a deliciously festive experience.”

Hormel has even enlisted the help of Rapper Coolio to help promote their pork paper saying, “A thick-cut, premium wrapping paper deserves a spokesperson to match. That’s why we’ve tapped rap icon and chef, Coolio, to take you to bacon-wrapping schoolio. Check out his gift wrapping tips, and the bacon-wrapped recipe below to become the wrap star of your holidays.”

If you have someone on your holiday list that would appreciate the smell of bacon in their Christmas stocking you can enter for a chance to win some porcine wrapping paper at Wrappedbyblacklabel.com.


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