The Denver Nuggets have waived Mike Miller and sent him into free agency. What's next for the South Dakota native?

Miller has been in the NBA since 2000 and has been on seven different teams. He won two NBA Championships with the Miami Heat in 2012 and 2013. Add an NBA Sixth Man of the Year award in 2006, and NBA Rookie of the Year in 2000-2001, and there isn't much more in terms of awards for Miller to accomplish. He has had a fantastic career.

But what's next?

Each year we have the opportunity to host the Legends For Kids banquet and Miller always comes back for it as long as he isn't playing in the NBA Finals. Jokingly, the last question is always about whether he is going to retire. Miller has always made it known that he wants to continue playing as long as his body, family, and NBA teams agree that he can still go.

Last season he appeared in 20 games for the Nuggets. He did not start any games for Denver and averaged just under eight minutes per appearance. He mostly was used as a coach of sorts for the younger players on the team.

I think he might still have a little bit in the tank for another season.

We had an opportunity to talk with the voice of the Memphis Grizzlies Eric Hasseltine on Overtime with Jeff Thurn this past Tuesday (July 11th). Hasseltine says that Miller is a great professional, and is happy that he has the chance to make the best decision for him.

That's the best part for Miller. He now has the chance to do exactly what he wants. If he was to return, selfishly I'd like to see him go back to Minnesota and give them one more veteran on the squad. Currently, Minnesota has two players over the age of 30. He'd be more of a help in a player-coach role than one on the court in that situation.

There's also a chance he can return to Denver on a smaller deal and continue in the role he was in over the last couple of seasons.

If the decision is made to retire, we can look back at how great of a career this South Dakota native has had. Along with the awards, Miller would finish his career averaging 11 points/game and many memories from his time on the court.

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