This strange new world we're living in looks familiar, and yet, has changed irrevocably in many ways. The mere thought of the rise of a deadly virus causing a worldwide pandemic, until 3 months ago, was the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters.

But Hollywood blockbusters have been put on hold too. And, at this point, it is difficult to imagine what the immediate future could bring, because so much is still unknown and the way forward remains somewhat murky.

What we do know, is that in many places around the country, one of the most fun activities of the summer, swimming, will be off the agenda. Sioux Falls is one of those places, with the possibility of an exception.

The city has announced that it will be reopening the Midco Aquatic Center (MAC) soon, although no specific date has been chosen. According to Sioux Falls Business with Jodi SchwanSioux Falls Communication Specialist TJ Nelson, from Mayor TenHaken's office indicates the reopening will be, "part of a phased approach that includes reopening the libraries and community centers".

Navigating the choppy waves of a pool full of humans is going to be, I'm sure,  a challenge. Who makes the determination of how many people can be in the MAC pools, let alone, the building, at any one time? Locker and dressing room availability, how will that work? Will showers be available?

I would imagine that all of these decisions are being approached and scrutinized in a methodical manner, taking into account all eventualities. At least, I hope so, because as it has been made clear to us all, this idiotic coronavirus isn't going anywhere soon.

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