Michael Ray and Carly Pearce are opening up about the events leading up to the moment they got engaged.

Sitting down with The Highway host Storme Warren, Ray reveals that he asked Pearce's parents for their permission when visiting her family in Alabama. He took the opportunity when Pearce went for a run to talk to her parents about the proposal.

"I could not have done the proposal without her mom at all...I wanted that because her and her mom are very close, and I knew that between her mom and I, we will be able to make this exactly what she wants," he explains.

The singer ended up pulling off a lavish production that included renting a private deck at the resort they were staying at in Tulum, Mexico, organizing a private dinner and hiring a mariachi band to perform.

He went so far as to line the hallway leading to their room with rose petals that went down the stairs and reached all the way to the sand, and selected a room positioned so Pearce could watch the set up taking place on the deck.

She says she had no idea the extravagant plans were for her, thinking it was for a wedding taking place at the resort, and even admits she thought the relationship might have been on the rocks since Ray was "acting so weird," as she put it.

"I waited until I felt him reach in his pocket and then I was like 'yes!' because I was literally like 'If you are not proposing to me, you're going to have to take me to the moon when you do propose because this is way too good,'" she recalls of the big moment. "But I blacked out once I saw him go down on his knee, and I guess I screamed 'Of course I'll marry you!' and he looked at me and was like 'I haven't asked you yet.'"

Ray popped the question just before Christmas in 2018. They haven't publicly announced a date, but Pearce says she's actively searching for wedding ideas and inspiration.

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