Many remember the video from 2010 of the inflatable Teflon roof of the Metrodome coming down after Minneapolis received 17 inches of snow. The weight from the snow was just too much for the fiberglass fabric to support, causing the dome to sag, tear and cover the Metrodome floor with huge amounts of snow.

But that's a problem that will not have to be dealt with in the future, as the roof of the Metrodome has been deflated - this time on purpose - for the last time on Saturday, January 18, 2014.

The fans that provided the air that supports the roof were shut down and the relief vents were opened as the deflation process began Saturday morning in downtown Minneapolis.

The Dome silently sagged, then fell completely, to leave just a stadium with a concave dish shaped top.

This is the exterior view of the Metrodome deflating for the last time on Saturday, January 18, 2014.

As eerie as it is to see part of the Minneapolis sky-line changing, the view from the inside of the collapsing Metrodome is equally as eerie.

The turf and most of the seats have been removed, as crews continue to demolish the Metrodome.

The new stadium is expected to be ready for the 2016 NFL season and will be located in about the same place as the Metrodome was.

The entire roof of the dome came down undamaged, so the fabric from the roof of the Metrodome will be recycled and used on future construction projects

The Metrodome originally opened 1982, and was home to the Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins for many years. The Minnesota Timberwolves even played their first NBA season in the Metrodome in 1989.