The heavy rains left many people in the Sioux Falls area wondering 'what to do' this afternoon.  As of 12 noon, it was a bit too wet to mow and after two cups of coffee I was ready to get out of the house.

I'd asked my wife if she would like to go to a movie.  Much to my surprise she said yes.

I left it up to her as to what movie we would go to.  She opted for a $3 movie at the Western Mall.  She also chose the movie 42.  It was a great choice.

I knew I was in for a 'different experience when we sat down.  The audience, mostly older folks.  I was caught off guard when I heard the sound of several folks actually shutting their phones off.  (If you've been to a movie recently, you know that most young people do not shut them off.  In fact most of them text and even talk on the phone through the movie)  This was going to be a different experience.

My mother had told me 42 was a great movie.  She had seen it in Pierre with my sister earlier this year.  I blew it off.  But when my wife suggested the show, I thought, 'why not.'

If you haven't seen it yet and your a baseball fan, go.  I found myself reflecting on 'the day,' and who I wished was actually there watching the movie with me.  I found myself riding in the back of a '61 Impala to Chamberlain to watch a baseball game with my grandpa.  I found myself thinking about getting hit square in the mouth with a fastball and loosing 6 of my front teeth on my 6th birthday.  I'd told my dad, 'come on,' throw it in here good and hard!'  He did.

Mostly I found myself thinking about all the baseball fans that have been a part of my life.  My first baseball coach, Donnie Floyd in Kennebec and a guy that had umped a ton of games at the Kennebec field, former SD Senator Jim Abdnor.  You might say I found myself thinking about other things as much as the movie.

Maybe it was because it's Memorial Day.  Maybe it's cause we had just put flowers on my dads grave in Presho on Saturday.  I'm not sure why my mind kept drifting but it actually made the movie that much better.

42 is a great movie.  I strongly suggest you go while it's in the theatre.  If you are lucky you'll get to watch it with an equally respectful crowd.  It was quiet as church at the 1:20 showing this afternoon.  People stuck around for the final credits and actually clapped at the end of the movie.

Maybe they were watching the movie and missing someone and wishing they were there watching too.

I guess  'that's what Memorial Day is all about.'