This past Sunday I was hustling up to the Lee Brice-Chris Young concert at the South Dakota State Fair. I was just passing the rodeo grounds by Lake Mitchell when I get a call from my wife.  (She had our youngest son Tad along with his friend Luke at the Bean Bag Tournament in Wagner) She said, "make sure you pick up a couple watermelons and a cantelope or two on the way to the fair."  She added, "they might be closed after the concert."

So I hung a left on Hiway 34 and soon saw a sign for Olson's Melons.  I thought...why not!  I'm in melon country!  I pulled off and was met by a couple of the nicest people you'll find anywhere on the planet.

I quickly told them..."I'm sort of in a hurry, can you pick out a couple good watermelons and maybe a cantelope or two.

"We don't have cantelope", she said, "but we have some delicious Musk Melons"

I didn't know there was a difference!  I thought to myself, just go with it and get back on the road.

We took a quick photo...Awesome people at Olson's Melon Stand.   Next time you're through melon country, stop by and get one.  Or two.  Oh, and when you's Musk Melons!