There's a global pandemic going on the likes of which we have never seen before. Johns Hopkins shows in very graphic numbers that there have been over 38,000,000 million confirmed cases worldwide with 1,093,359 people killed by the COVID-19 virus.

The South Dakota Department of Health reports that there have been 30,215 confirmed cases of COVID along with 291 deaths. And even as thousands of people recover from the initial diagnosis of the disease many are having to cope with residual lasting negative effects.

Minnehaha county continues to be a COVID hot spot with substantial community spread. On Wednesday Avera Hospital, Sanford Hospital, and the City of Sioux Falls have engaged in a joint Mask Up Sioux Falls campaign. The social media post states:

The CDC recommends wearing masks in public settings around people who don’t live in your household & when you can’t stay 6 feet away from others. Masks help stop the spread of COVID-19 to others. Let’s #MaskUpSF

#MaskUpSF Facebook
#MaskUpSF Facebook

Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken shared the post on his Facebook page and received lots of comments. Some supportive, some not so much. Comments include:

Jennifer Swanson: “Yes make it a mandate!! I wear mine to protect others and they should for others too!”

Gary Harpster: “Kool-Aid – what flavor did you want.”

Patti Hanson: “I wear one every day for work (healthcare) and for safety when away from the facility!”

Jeanette Brown: “Mayor, you have done a lot for our city. But no, I won't mask up.”

Nancy Lenander: “None of this is new news. Everyone just gave up cuz the leaders didn't set an example or make masks mandatory. Too late, now in my opinion. Look how many we have lost already and it's bound to just get worse now.”

Gail Torrey: “A little inconvenience is worth potentially saving a life! Thank you, Mayor!”

Leah Harkema: “We are #1 in the US for covid now for daily spike. That alone should tell you something! Wear a mask! According to Noem, our state is fine. I'm willing to bet that after her "sportsmans show" coming up here that maybe something will be done? Tenhaken needs to step up as well! I'm a Republican so I don't say this lightly....SD needs help!”

Jessica Farmer: “Thank you for promoting the use of masks for the safety of the Sioux Falls community.”

Briggs Warren: “A day late and a dollar short.”

Dave Enyart: “Yep....Americans can certainly be arrogant....especially when told what to do...even for their safety and the safety of others.”

Kathy Hudson: “NO mask here, and I won't shop any where that forces the issue.”

Larry Hayes: “CDC just said the mask won’t keep people from getting the China virus.”

Laurie Pearson: “Please seriously think of mandating. The people that care are already wearing. So many others don’t. This is ridiculous the numbers are this high. You cared so much in the beginning of this.”

Mike Ostrander: “85% of covid cases are people who wear masks all the time. How about people make their own decisions, you know, like it would be in any non election year.”

Alicia Ivie: “it's actually 70% but, I agree. Masks are total bullshit.”

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