Max Impact covers classic rock, new rock, and country hits. They've written and recorded their own music and performed all over the world from their Washington D.C. base. I know you're thinking that D.C. isn't exactly the hot bed for bands to set up home base if they're playing to global audiences. They're there because music is their second occupation. Max Impact is the United States Air Force's premier band. And they're coming to Sioux Falls for a free show Wednesday June 25th at the WH Lyon Fairgrounds.

Max Impact has played for troops everywhere, but they are embarking on their first U.S. Tour, playing across the upper midwest! This FREE concert doesn't even require you to pick up a ticket in advance. Just come to the WH Lyon Fairgrounds Wednesday June 25 at 7pm.

Through national tours, local performances, recordings and deployments, Max Impact showcases Air Force excellence to millions each year. Between public performances, they are often called on to support events for the White House, State Department, Department of Defense and numerous other high-level military and civilian functions.

In addition to entertaining military and civilian audiences in the United States, Max Impact thrills service members with its trademark high-intensity, hard-rocking music at forward deployed locations. These performances are a much-needed "taste of home" for deployed service members. At home or abroad, their high-energy performances enhance troop morale, build partnerships with local and foreign communities, increase recruiting and retention efforts and inspire patriotism using effective and powerful music.

As part of The U.S. Air Force Band, these Airmen musicians honor those who have served, inspire American citizens to heightened patriotism and service, and positively impact the global community on behalf of the U.S. Air Force and the United States of America. The excellence demonstrated by these Airmen musicians is a reflection of the excellence carried out by Airmen stationed around the globe.

We hope to see a big crowd at the Fairgrounds Wednesday June 25th at 7pm for the free concert from Max Impact! Here's a taste of some of their original music.