The stories of the human spirit and individuals who adapt, adjust and overcome obstacles in their path motivate and inspire others. Matt Hamill has one of those stories.

UFC Fighter and 3-time national wrestling champion Matt 'The Hammer' Hamill spoke at Harrisburg High school Monday night. Hamill talked about overcoming the obstacles of being deaf, his dominate college wrestling career, and making the transition into the UFC.

We have all been dealt our own share of difficulties in life, and how we handle the hand will make all the difference in the kind of life we have.

Listening to Matt tell stories about how he handled adversity and challenges, made it hard to fall asleep last night after being so inspired.

Matt's impressive determination, dedication, and commitment to his craft can't be denied, but this warriors humble heart is what impressed me most.

After Matt shared his story, he stuck around and took the time to meet everyone in the auditorium.

Matt took pictures, gave autographs, and added extra inspiration and encouragement to everyone he talked with.

I overheard him encouraging young kids who waited to meet The Hammer.

The Hammer was all heart, complimenting them on their sign language, and I saw the confidence level rise in each kid as the fighter left them feeling like they are champions.

Matt's story has been so inspiring there has already been a feature length movie made about his life.

In the movie The Hammer, we get a glimpse into the life events, circumstances, and people close to Matt that made the man into the wrestling world and fight world would come to know as The Hammer.

Matt shared with all in attendance that they are currently in the process of making The Hammer Part 2.

Thanks to everyone involved who made this event possible, and to Matt Hamill for sharing his incredible story.

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