Maren Morris went on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday (March 19) where she admitted to being denied on both The Voice and American Idol prior to getting her big break in her music career.

On Andy Cohen's after-show segment of his Bravo program, he took call-in fan questions. A caller named Maggie asked, "How crazy is it that you were rejected by both American Idol and The Voice, but both shows have contestants covering your songs?"

Cohen was shocked, and asked Morris if that was accurate. Morris responded: "Oh yeah, and that's not even it. I was rejected from America's Got Talent. There were a ton that I didn't make it to, thank god."

Forgotten American Idol Auditions of the Stars

Morris' music has indeed been on these reality shows a number of times; not only in America, but internationally as well. Morris is okay with it: "People cover my songs for their auditions on those shows, so it's like, not only is it really nice to have my song on a national television show — but [also] get to collect the check and have some sweet revenge."

Cohen had another fan question lined up: Were other singers, including Demi Lovato and Camila Cabello, actually asked first to sing with Zedd and Grey on the smash hit "The Middle"?

Morris explained, "I came in very late in the game, so I don't know all the singers that auditioned to be on it. But I do know that Demi and Camila, they chose other songs to do at that time. So it wasn't like Zedd rejected them. They're huge stars."

Maren Morris and 5 Other Stars Who Were Rejected by Idol:

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