If there's one thing the month of March is known for, its basketball, and lots of it!

The 2014 NCAA March Madness Tournament bracket match-ups will be announced this  Sunday already, with opening round play in games on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 17 and 18th and tournament play beginning on Thursday, March 20th.

More than likely the madness has already creeped into your workplace, there's probably one or two people combing the halls and cubicles of your office at this moment trying to strong arm you into joining their office pool.

If you caved into the pressure and decided to pitch in a few bucks to fill out a bracket, soon you'll be left starring at the names of 68 schools that chances are you know jack squat about.

Time to put on your thinking cap, grab a pencil, preferably one with an eraser and start filling out those brackets.

So how do you whittle down a winner?

Well, it helps if you actually follow and know a little something about college basketball. But it’s been my experience the people that always seem to win these March Madness tournament brackets are the people who employ scientific methods for choosing their winners. You know things like coin flips, picking a team because they have a cool looking mascot, or a nifty name like "Gonzaga."

Let's be honest, it's a guessing game at best. Just when you think you've got the inside track on a slam dunk winner some team comes out of nowhere and derails your March Madness train.

I guess what I'm trying to say, get ready to congratulate Mary from accounting on Tuesday morning, April 8th, for picking the NCAA winner because she liked the color of their shorts. It never fails.

By the way, I like Florida to win it all. I've just given them the kiss of death!