Be honest - who (besides me) plans to "sneak a peek" at the NCAA men's basketball tournament today? If you said, "Yes," first of all, thank you for being honest. And take heart in knowing you and I won't be alone. A lot of people will be tuning in.

According to national statistics, the average employee will spend at least 25 minutes per day checking in on the college basketball playoffs. So by the time a champion is finally crowned, we'll have wasted away 6 hours of lost productivity per worker.

Last year, American businesses figure they lost $6.3-billion in productivity and corporate losses because of the basketball tournaments. But according to a WalletHub survey, 90% of businesses surveyed thought March Madness was good for employee morale.

Employment experts say as competitive as the job market is these days, many employers are being forced to embrace the whole basketball thing. Some are incorporating March Madness into the workplace by offering certain break times during the workday to watch the games or designating "jersey days" within the office.

Source: CNBC

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