On Memorial Day, I figure you should do something American. Well, there's nothing more American than a baseball game.

Sunday afternoon, my son Logan and I decided we needed to see a ballgame. We had one team in the American League to see. Over the years, we've seen them all, except the Tampa Bay Rays. So it was off to Target Field to watch the Rays take on the Minnesota Twins.

After the day and after the game it seems like we're still there. The game went on, and on, and on - 15 innings.

The series finale marked the longest game in the history of Target Field, in terms of time. At 6 hours, 26 minutes, it was also the longest in the Major Leagues this season.

We talked about the game on the way home. There were 3 calls during the game that were CLOSE on video review. If two of those, or even one of those plays is different, our afternoon would have been much shorter.

There were other benefits. When we left, we drove right out. Most of the other fans had left and most likely went home, and had dinner before we even walked to our car and we sat at a baseball game where you couldn't buy a beer for nearly 3-1/2 hours. Which was fine with us.

All in all, a great way to spend part of the Memorial Day weekend. The flag was flying, it was a beautiful day. How about you? What are you up to Memorial Day Weekend?

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