A man at a Mitchell, South Dakota school board meeting Monday night was asked to leave the meeting for not wearing a mask as required. Like many schools trying to fight the spread of COVID-19 the school requires masks.

The video posted by Melissa Sigmund starts with a woman saying: “Come on. Are you serious? Are you really going to do this?” As law enforcement enter the meeting and approach the unmasked man. She goes on: "This is embarrassing. School board meeting and a parent is being forced to leave.”

J.P. Skelly from KORN in Mitchell reported, “Mitchell Police officers removed Reed Bender after he refused to wear a face mask at the Mitchell School Board meeting. School district policy requires masks to be worn in school buildings. He was escorted out of the building. No arrest was made.”

As the Police Officers try to convince Reed to exit he states: “I know you don't wanna do this. I know this guy doesn't wanna do it. But unfortunately, you have to follow these school rules. Right? So force me out. You're going to have to drag me out.”

Some of the comments on the video post include:

Chance Hines: Put a mask on the people who don't is embarrassing if your kid can do it I work retail stop thinking about just yourself and wear a mask!! Care about someone besides yourselves!! This world makes me sick!!!

Gary Nelson: Everyones caught up over a useless ass mask, not the fact they just violated his 1st amendment, during a 1st amendment meeting, I feel like a lawyer will have a heyday with this.

Carrie Lurz: This is wild. I grew up going to Mitchell schools, my kids now attend schools in NE. Our state officially went to stage 4 which is basically the all-clear, our kids still wear masks all day at school.

Pat Pippin Mennenger: Too bad everyone didn't just get up and walk out. Pretty stupid of the cops. Not good PR.

Susan Gartman Almjeld: He is not being silenced. All he has to do is put a mask on.

Cassie Harvey: Thankful my kids are mature enough to wear their masks without throwing a tantrum like this grown-ass man. How embarrassing!

Peter John Wendelboe: Unreal! Glad to see him stand up though! I think everyone in there should have refused to wear one. Power in numbers!!!

Currently, there are a total of 667 total positive coronavirus cases within K-12 schools across the state and 1,053 total cases within higher education.

As of Monday, Sept. 14, the State of South Dakota reported 163 new COVID-19 cases. Total cases numbered 16,801 with hospitalizations at 110 and deaths up to 184.

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