It's that time of year in South Dakota when we all look to do some springtime home improvements. Part of that is tending to your gardens and outdoor plants.

Imagine how surprised you'd be if you were out looking at new greenhouse trees to plant in your yard and as you leaned closer to the foliage you spot a couple of little eyes looking back at you?!

That's exactly what happened to Bamm Brewer at the Rapid City, South Dakota Menards. Bamm posted a video of the encounter on Facebook saying, “Went to Menards looking at the garden section and I seen an owl looking at me, turns out to be a baby cute little guy.”

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An employee with the Rapid City Menards at 710 North Creek Drive, store said: “Every year they seem to get a Horned Owl that visits us for a period of time, but it's the first time we've had a little owl like this.”

Rapid City Menards-Google Maps
Rapid City Menards-Google Maps

The little fella appears to be a small Saw-whet owl. Wikipedia says, “The northern saw-whet owl is a small owl native to North America. Saw-whet owls are one of the smallest owl species in North America. They can be found in dense thickets or conifers, often at eye level, although they can also be found some 20 feet up. Saw-whets are often in danger of being preyed upon by larger owls and raptors. Northern saw-whet owls are also migratory birds without any strict pattern.”

Perhaps this will classify as a new breed of bird known as the "Menards Owl"?

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