This is a perfect example of why you never leave your children unattended in a vehicle. KSFY TV is reporting that a man is now behind bars after stealing an unlocked, running car Friday morning with a two-year-old child inside.

The incident happened Friday morning, (October 18) around 8 AM at a convenience store located near 10th Street and Cliff Avenue.

Sioux Falls Public Information Officer Sam Clemens told KSFY that a woman stopped her running, unlocked car with a toddler still inside, at the store with the intention of running in to grab something quickly.

Once the suspect, 36-year-old Graylin Tanner saw the woman go inside the store, he jumped inside the car and sped off. Moments later, Tanner realized there was a small child in the backseat of the car.

KSFY reports Tanner dropped off the child, still in its car seat at a laundromat located at 6th Street and West Avenue.

Once the woman realized her car had been stolen, she immediately called the police. Fortunately, in addition to her child, she also left her phone inside the vehicle. That allowed authorities to track the car via her phone, and they eventually pulled over the car with Tanner inside near 8th Street and Phillips Avenue.

When police arrested Tanner, he informed authorities that he dropped off the toddler at the laundromat. The child was found unharmed around 8:21 that morning.

According to KSFY, police ended up charging Tanner with grand theft and felony child abuse, along with an assortment of other charges.

Clemens said, leaving an unattended running vehicle can be a big temptation for some people, especially as the weather begins to get colder.

Again, this story is a great reminder to never leave your car unlocked and running when you're not around, even if you only plan to be gone for just a few seconds.

Source: KSFY TV


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