Here's the story of what happens when you insist on being a jerk and spoil the ending to books for everyone else - you get yourself stabbed.

It's cold and lonely in Antarctica. Not much to do if you're a Russian scientist stationed in the Shetland islands. There is, however, a small library, where engineer Sergey Savitsky and welder Oleg Beloguzov would check out books. Only Oleg, it's alleged, would constantly give away the endings of books that Sergey wanted to read. So, Sergey stabbed him. Sergey then turned himself in and admitted he did it because he was sick and tired of Oleg always telling him how the book ended. Oleg was airlifted to Chile where he's expected to be okay. Sergey was airlifted to St. Petersburg where he's under arrest.

And that's how that story ends.

Source: ABC Radio News

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