He wasn’t saving his pennies for a rainy day.

Ortha Anders, of Ruston, La., has been saving pennies since the 1970s and finally decided to cash in the coins this week.

In total, he showed up at the bank with 15 five-gallon water bottles. He decided to part ways with the pennies because his insurance company would no longer cover them. Yes, he had insurance for pennies.

By the time all the Abraham Lincolns were handed in, he had $5,136.14. So, when that rainy day does come along, he’s definitely got a nice little nest egg all ready.

Anders has always had an affinity for pennies. "Whenever I would see a penny, I would always say a prayer of thanks,” he said. “It was a reminder to me to always be thankful."

His love runs deep, too. He says, "I’d break a dollar before I spend a penny."

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