Public Information Officer Sam Clemens stated in his briefing Tuesday morning that a larceny had been committed that he described as “different”.

Now keep in mind that all pot, weed, reefer, marijuana...whatever you want to call it is still illegal in South Dakota.

So here's what happened. A man called the Sioux Falls police because his truck had been broken into. The man believed that it was his ex-girlfriend that had broken into his vehicle. Only a couple of things were taken including a bottle warmer and some marijuana. (that's right...he says to the Cops...a 'Bottle Warmer' & 'Marijuana'!)

It was a small amount of marijuana but he was insistent that he wanted a report made. No arrests have been made at this point.

But as Officer Clemens stated: “It's not every day that we have people calling to say their marijuana was stolen”.

Cannabis in South Dakota will be legal for both medical and recreational use on July 1, 2021. A pair of ballot initiatives passed for the legalization of marijuana on November 3, 2020.

This guy may want to put the bong down for a while...

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