Well, it looks like the Dairy Queen in Madison, South Dakota did it again - leading the way on Miracle Treat Day - likely holding on to the #1 spot.

Miracle Treat Day is the one day each year when the Dairy Queen corporation donates a portion of all Blizzards sold to the Children's Miracle Network.

For the past several years, the Dairy Queen in Madison, South Dakota - population of just over 6,400 - has taken the event and turned it into a day-long celebration.

And in doing so has become the #1 franchise in North America when it comes to number of Blizzards sold on Miracle Treat Day.

This year's total - 44,657 blizzards. That's nearly 4,000 more than last year. This raises their total to more than 380,530 blizzards sold over the past 13 years.

Source: Facebook/Dairy Queen

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