The long-awaited second EP from Maddie and Tae has finally arrived, and it does not disappoint. Hear how the duo have evolved musically in "One Heart to Another," the title track to their new EP.

One Heart to Another shows how much Maddie & Tae have grown since their debut album, Start Here, was released in 2015. Following a label change and other more personal setbacks, this duo have evolved and come into their own.

The title track is one of two new songs that haven’t been previously released, and it’ll hit you on the first listen. With a simple, traditional country melody, the perspective of the song comes from an ex-girlfriend to a current girlfriend, trying to warn her about a guy.

But I’m gonna tell you / What the last one told me,” they sing. This song will no doubt be relatable to many people who have dated someone that was no good, and seeing another person fall for the same tricks. The pair are stepping up in terms of their songwriting with lines like, "You can’t fix him / You’re gonna see it / He’s addicted to the leaving."

This song could easily have pitted women against one another, but Maddie & Tae navigate the ex and the current girlfriend's relationship with class and maturity. This EP is just a taste of where these two could go in the future.

Maddie & Tae are heading out on tour alongside fellow support act Runaway June on Carrie Underwood's Cry Pretty Tour 360 this summer, and their fans have been eagerly waiting for their return. “One Heart to Another” gives us poetic honesty in such a simple but effective way, as they did with “Friends Don’t” and “Die From a Broken Heart.” The marks of a true country artist are great storytelling, great songwriting and killer vocals. Maddie & Tae are a triple threat who deserve some serious airplay. Let’s hope this track gets the recognition it deserves.

One Heart to Another is out now.

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