Luke Combs tells the story of his rise to fame in a unique way in the "She Got the Best of Me" video.

Combs has been on a hot streak since his country music explosion "Hurricane," and he offers nods to the people and places that have been a part of his success since the beginning in this flashback video.

Luke Combs NEVER Imagined This Level of Success

Combs looks at defining moments in his career, bring us to his home state of North Carolina where he performed a show in Boone in 2013, followed by a series of shows where he's playing to a packed house. Loyal fans will likely be able to spot the many Easter eggs Combs drops throughout the video, such as calling on the on-screen couple from the "Hurricane" video to appear in a crowd shot scene, a news report splashed across the TV screen about the car accident from "One Number Away" featured at the beginning of the video and the moment when his manager, Chris Kappy, discovered him during a live show Georgia in 2015.

Combs also offers references to some of his signature song lyrics, including the line "Known to have a little beer with breakfast" from "Don't Tempt Me" by sipping on a bottle of Miller Lite while enjoying a bowl of Fruit Loops, and the brief shot of a Mona Lisa painting hanging on his wall is a tip of the hat to "and I walked in the Louvre now the Mona Lisa's hanging in my house" in "I Got Away With You." He also showcases the many plaques he's received for his gold and platinum certified hits displayed throughout his house.

"She Got the Best of Me" is the latest installment from Combs' wildly successful debut album, This One's for You. It's one of five fan-favorite cuts included on the deluxe edition of the album, This One's for You Too, released in June of 2018.

"I would have thought we'd have a little bit of success. But not the year that we've had," he tells Taste of Country's Ania Hammar. "Right now we've got fans who've been to 30, 40 shows. Which is crazy ... it's hard to imagine the support that we have, kind of everywhere. We sold out in Hawaii, went to Europe, we went to Australia. It's just hard to imagine that five years ago, I couldn't get a guy to stop eating a chicken wing and listen to me play."

Combs continues out on the road on Jason Aldean's 2018 High Noon Neon Tour through September.

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