Luke Combs released 12 songs to country radio prior to releasing "Doin' This" last fall. All 12 have hit No. 1 on Billboard's Country Airplay Chart, but we can talk about it without jinxing him, right?

Technically, Combs is 13-for-13, as "Cold Beer Calling My Name" with Jameson Rodgers also hit No. 1, but that was a Rodgers song, technically, so "Doin' This" would be Combs' 13th solo No. 1 if it tops the charts. The streak is also a record, as (according to country chart-expert Chris Owen) no artist has ever begun their career with more consecutive No. 1 singles. Recently Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul asked Combs if he feels a lot of pressure to keep it going.

"I don't know if it's nervous as much as like — obviously, you don't want it to end," he says. "I try to not put too much stock into it because I think you could drive yourself crazy doing that."

"Doin' This" is the lead single from Combs' third studio album Growin' Up, available June 24. His first album, This One's for You, produced five No. 1 singles, and What You See Is What You Get delivered seven. The 12 songs have spent an astonishing 32 weeks on top of country music airplay charts since April 2017.

"I've been lucky up to this point, and I try to continue to write songs that I love and songs that I enjoy and songs that are fun to sing and I hope people like," the soon-to-be father offers. "That's been the recipe so far, so I don't see any point in changing it now."

As for Growin' Up, fans don't know much aside from the title, album art, released date and two confirmed songs: "Doin' This" and "Tomorrow Me."

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