Luke Combs' third studio album now has a name and some track information to go with a release date. The "Doin' This" singer has also revealed the cover art for LC3.

Combs turned to social media to share that the album dropping on June 24 is titled Growin' Up. It includes 12 songs (more on that in a moment), equaling the number on his debut album from 2017. His follow-up, What You See Is What You Get (2019), came with 17 songs before he added six more for his deluxe version.

Growin' Up is Combs' first album to feature a photograph of the singer on the cover, although one would hardly call the picture typical. His headshot is offset to the right, with plenty of space for an animated barroom scene. A dozen or so patrons are drinking and chatting, while a handful of employees keep the counter clean and the drinks full. One can't help but squint to see if he's dropped a few Easter eggs into this remarkably normal, any-night American scene.

Previous albums have also used the cover art as a place to experiment. This One's for You found the singer's likeness pieced together in a sort of mosaic that resembles stained glass windows one would find in church. The cover art for What You See Is What You Get is more rudimentary, with Combs drawn in a flannel shirt and ball cap against an elephant gray background.

"Doin' This" and a new song called "Tomorrow Me" that Combs will make available on Friday (April 22) are the only two confirmed songs on Growin' Up, but the 32-year-old has dropped six additional songs over the past year that could potentially make this album, including what's likely the title track. Tap any of the links below to listen.

"The Kind of Love We Make" — A sexy, mid-tempo love song written with Brothers Hunt, Jamie Davis and Dustin Nunley.

"Five Leaf Clover" — A gratitude ballad that Combs played while on tour last summer.

"Good Ole Days" — A nostalgic country-rocker that Combs also brought to the stage in 2021.

"Joe" — A blue collar drinking song that celebrates ordinary Joes who've made mistakes in life. Combs performed this song at the Grand Ole Opry and has since added a high-definition performance to his YouTube page.

"Growin' Up and Gettin' Old" — A song about putting a party lifestyle behind you for the good of health and family. He shared two verses and a very Luke Combs-esque chorus of this song on social media in February of 2021.

"South on Ya" — This partnership with the SEC Conference might have just been a promotional song. If included on Growin' Up, it'd add some hard-charging party lifestyle to a mix that's likely to include many of the songs listed above.

*Update: On May 17, Combs shared the full track list.

Luke Combs, Growin' Up Track List: 

1. "Doin' This"
2. "Any Given Friday Night"
3. "The Kind of Love We Make"
4. "On the Other Line"
5. "Outrunnin' Your Memory" (With Miranda Lambert)
6. "Used To Wish I Was"
7. "Better Back When"
8. "Tomorrow Me"
9. "Ain't Far From It"
10. "Call Me"
11. "Middle of Somewhere"
12. "Going, Going, Gone"

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