What happens when you have four males in the car, and one female? There's a good chance a car trip will somehow go wrong (sorry guys!). This was made clear by a hilarious Instagram post from Luke Bryan, who showed that even country superstars and American Idol judges run out of gas when on a family excursion.

"Anyone wanna explain what just happened?" Bryan says dryly, as his two sons and nephew helpfully inform viewers that the car is out of gas.

Well, okay, so someone didn't fill the tank. But that's not all. Bryan's sons get into a tiff over the pronunciation of the word "railroad" (because, why not fight over something that has zero importance whatsoever, right?) and punch each other until Bryan hollers at them to knock it off.

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Meanwhile, the sole gal in the car, wife/mom Caroline, merely rolls her eyes (her share of the video on her own account included the comment "I told him to get gas. Now we're stuck on the side of a road in the middle of July. Thanks Dad," and the amusing location "No-gas can").

If this doesn't convince you that stars are just like the rest of us — maybe with just a little bit more money — nothing will!

We're hoping the Bryan family was able to be rescued by the Triple-A gods with gas can in hand, and that the singer might heed his wife's warnings next time they set out on the road. Let's cross our fingers that this incident isn't repeated while Bryan is on the work road, tying up his summer dates, or someone is sure to get fired!

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