With "Country On," Luke Bryan is speaking directly to the blue-collar fans who pay to see him live every weekend. The country-rock anthem doesn't name names, but it calls out under-appreciated professions and gives each a little urging.

Farmers, cowboys, truckers, bartenders, fireman, Music City guitar pickers and the men and women of the U.S. military get some love during "Country On."

Comparisons to Alabama's "40 Hour Week (for a Livin')" from 1984 will be immediate and long-lasting, and that's something the singer himself recognizes and appreciates. Talking to Taste of Country, Bryan admitted he hears it, too. In plain English, the superstar encourages each to keep doing what they do, because even though they work in anonymity, he appreciates the effort.

Sonically, "Country On" recalls "What Makes You Country," Bryan's 2018 single from an album of the same name. Throughout much of Born Here Live Here Die Here (2020), producers Jeff and Jody Stevens muted their presentation to allow the story or emotion of the lyrics lead. Fans will get worked up by the driving guitars and building rhythm section of this new song as much as they will hearing their people receiving a shoutout. The whole team goes for broke to build a spirited singalong that should make an easy addition to his setlists for years to come.

Did You Know?: Mark Nesler, Mitch Oglesby, David Frasier and Styles Haury wrote "Country On."

Listen to Luke Bryan, "Country On":

Luke Bryan's "Country On" Lyrics:

Hey, farm boy, keep dropping that plow / Bailing that hay, feeding them cows / From the rooster crow 'til another long day is gone / Country on / Hey, big rig, keep clocking them miles / Pulling that horn, making us smile / Rolling that load down the road all night long Country on.

Hey, cowboy, keep slinging that rope / Eating that dirt, wearing that gold / Break a leg, rodeo, but just don’t break no bones Country on / Hey, barkeep, how 'bout another round / Keep the neon lit in this crazy town / Just pour a little more / Country on.

Country on, yeah, country on / Hey fireman, boys and girls in blue / We could sure use a lot more like you / You come running in anytime anything goes wrong / Country on / Hey soldier, wherever you might be / Hats off to keeping us free / All our thoughts and prayers 'til you get back home / Country on.

Hey, hometown, keep throwing that ball / Raise ‘em outside, hang a fish on the wall / They only stay little so long, so love ‘em up strong Country on.

I say hey, hey, USA / We ain't seen our better days / Hell naw, hey y’all / Country on / Country on.

Hey, Nashville, keep bending them strings / Digging for gold, chasing them dreams / Keep on with your songs 'til the whole world's singing along Country on.

Repeat Chorus

Country on and on and on and on and on / Country on and on and on, country on / Keep keeping on and on and on and on and on / Country on and on and on, country on / Yeah, country on / Yeah, country on and on and on, on and on / Country on.

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