Luke Bryan's family has faced a number of tragedies, but always seem to find light in dark situations. Their latest venture — a barn filled with rescue animals, including a pony — is a tribute to their late niece, Sadie Brett.

The baby, known as Brett, was the daughter of Caroline's brother, Bo and his wife Ellen Boyer. Brett was just seven months old when she succumbed to health issues in early 2017, and the country superstar and his wife, Caroline, have honored her memory with a precious gift. Caroline revealed in an Instagram post July 27 that they've overhauled "one of your Uncle Luke's barns" on the family property and made it 'Brett's Barn.' "We still have a lot of work to do, but it's coming together!" Caroline says. "'Brett's Barn' is officially in the works. This is all for you Queen Bee. We love you to the moon and back."

Residents of the barn thus far include a goat named Goober Goldsby, who was abandoned shortly after birth for reasons unbeknownst to the country couple, as well as several miniature horses, pigs and at least one donkey. Bryan shared a video of the barn and animals on his Instagram page, as well, warning a pony not to step on his toes.

Caroline reveals that she promised her baby niece a pony, and she stayed true to her word, sharing photos and video of a special white horse named Kilo. "We always knew we would find (for Brett) the perfect pony, but never thought she wouldn't be here to love it," she writes. If Brett were still with us, I imagine she and Ellen would braid and put little bows in her mane. My brother would drive all over Tennessee to find the perfect unicorn horn for Kilo ... because we all know Brett would've wanted a unicorn!"

Bryan and his family have known a lot of tragedy. The singer's older brother Chris was suddenly killed in a car accident when Bryan was 19, and his sister, Kelly, died of unknown causes in 2007. The Bryans took in their nephew, Til, after the death of his brother-in-law in 2015.

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