Lucas Hoge will be the first to admit his hometown in Nebraska isn't quite the "Dirty South." It's more like the dusty midwest, but the singer finds plenty of ways to connect to his new single.

The song, Hoge tells Taste of Country, was written with two buddies at a farm just across from Nashville's famous Loveless Cafe. It started with a sexy, swampy groove and developed. Hoge makes it his own vocally, once again stretching in ways he never thought he would growing up in Hubbell, Neb.

When pressed on how he relates, Hoge says it's all about being outdoors. "And how we all used to hang out and go fishing," he furthers. "This is about a guy on a car — I'm a car guy — and his girlfriend is with him and they're just hanging out in the shade and falling in love with each other."

Hoge's career has included included television work on Animal Planet, a brand ambassadorship with Cabela's, a decade's worth of success in country music and the Christian music world, and now a song about the bayou — or at least feelings one attaches to that area. He's a man of many interests — did you know Hoge has a collection of medieval weapons?

He's also a sensitive songwriter, and while "Dirty South" is the first taste of his next studio project, Hoge admits he can't wait for fans to hear "Who's Gonna Be There." The song is 10 years in the making, about a best friend killed in a car accident. That's big news in small town Nebraska, and people came from two counties over for the memorial.

“I looked around while they were doing the eulogy and said, ‘If I lived my life half as good as my buddy did, to have all these people coming by, then I’d be doing something right,'” Hoge tells Taste of Country.

There's no word on when the album will be released. "Dirty South" is available at digital retailers now. He's also working on a new television show called Hoge Wild.

Listen to Lucas Hoge, "Dirty South" 

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