There could be some good news on the horizon for smokers who have been unsuccessfully trying to kick the habit. Even after pills, patches, and the rise of vaping - or e-cigs - there has not been a lower nicotine cigarette on the market to help smokers lower their dependency even though they have been made and proven successful in test studies.

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine  found that smokers who switched to special low-nicotine cigarette were lighting up less, and overall, more likely to quit for good.

Currently, you cannot find low-nicotine cigarettes in your local smoke shop. However, the government made special ones with several lower nicotine levels to test with willing individuals.

So, if the tests prove that people would have a better chance at quitting if the low-nicotine cigarettes were introduced in the market - where are they?

The Food and Drug Administration has not yet given it the green light. They, in fact, were given the power in 2009 to mandate lower nicotine levels if it would help public health, but, for some reason, has not yet done so - and have declined to comment on the study.

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