I freely admit I'm a sucker for anything to do with German Shepherds. I currently own two of them Bella (the watchdog), and Zeus (the big goofball). They make a great team, Zeus would let a burglar in, lick his face and show him the valuables and Bella would then kill the burglar or not let him leave until the cops got there!

Yes these are my big, furry babies and every time I leave the house and return, you'd think I'd been gone for months. There is no more lovely feeling than unconditional love from a dog who truly values you for you. (Or is it the doggie cookies, chews, toys, treats, beds, balls and thingy-ma-bobbers I'm always bringing them which they adore? Hm?)

The video below combines two wonderful things, a German Shepherd and a returning soldier. If you're a big baby about these things, (like me) maybe grab a tissue first and then enjoy!