According to a recent survey, a growing number of Americans are bypassing the traditional job search and basically hanging out their own shingle as freelancers.

The website recently checked around and found that freelance jobs are becoming more common place in all fields of employment.

In fact, many of those they interviewed who do freelance work say they actually make more freelancing than they ever did at their "regular" jobs.

According the Bureau of Labor of Statistics, nearly one-third of the U.S. workforce today works on a contract basis - in other words, they work as a freelancer.

How freelancing works is you basically become an independent contractor. You get to decide which jobs to take and which jobs to say no to.

And in this day-in-age of being able to work remotely, you can work from literally anywhere in the world.

Experts recommend though the best way to start your own business is to find a platform (like where you can get a steady stream of work.

They also say you need to take into consideration that by working freelance you don't get any benefits - like health insurance, paid leave, etc.

Source: Denver Post

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