You truly can have unpredictable days when you work in the field of law enforcement. In fact, a couple of police officers from the City of Sioux Falls Police Department received a little surprise on a Thursday call.

Not only did the officers "arrest" one "criminal “but two "criminals." Both of these suspects are wanted for...being way too gosh-darn cute!

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On it's Facebook and Twitter accounts,  the City of Sioux Falls Police Department posted a public service announcement about two dogs they found while they were responding to a call.

The City of Sioux Falls Police Department explains:

No offense to anyone else we arrested today, but these two furballs take the cake for best looking arrests of the day!

Yep...there is no denying that these two dogs are really adorable! Seems like the department's followers on  its Facebook and Twitter accounts agree with this verdict.

They look pretty vicious, make sure you’re careful. ♥️ The brown one might lick you to death. As my nine year old would say, “looks suspish.”


Cutest felons ever!


I can see that they did not resisting arrest that’s wonderful Lol


Those are the best looking felons I've ever seen in a long time!!

From the looks of the picture, these dogs are French bulldogs. While these felons await their charges, the City of Sioux Falls Police Department is doing its part in finding the dogs' owner. In the meantime, the best place these dogs could be is at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society. Until the owner claims the dogs, they will surely be in great hands with the folks at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.

If you recognize these pups, make sure to inform the owner they are safe and sound!

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