Springtime is in full swing. More people are out walking and running in the morning. With that in mind, here are a few things to consider.

We are all in a hurry. We hurry to get ready for work. We hurry to get home. Many times, when we shut the car or pickup door, we are not getting into a vehicle, but rather a time machine. The faster we drive, the more time we will save. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work that way, so here is a springtime reminder. Look first. Look again. 

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I just saw a post on my Facebook feed from Janelle that said;

"Tis the season for me to about get killed on my morning walk by people not looking before they back out of their driveway. Every morning that I about get backed over by a car I thank God that I was being observant but think “what if I were a child walking or riding their bike?” This is your PSA of the day to please look before backing out of your driveway."
I couldn't agree more with Janelle. Those few moments every day are some of the most stressful. 'Did I shut off the coffee pot, did I lock the door, did I leave a note for the kids to do chores later this afternoon? When you back out of the garage in the morning, your mind is on a million things. Most of those things are not concentrating on what you are doing, backing out of the garage.
Think I'm telling you a story? Look at people's cars. That side swipe or side mirror is a dead giveaway when you see them. Good things happen when you back out of your garage slowly and carefully.
Here's to starting your day, slowly and looking both ways before you back out. And here's to paying attention while your walking. Side note; I'm all for earbuds in and jamming to music, but more often, I prefer to hear the birds, and pay closer attention, just in case that 'in a hurried person,' isn't.

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