It's not a surprise that the movie theater industry is really taking a big hit during the global COVID-19 pandemic.  However, this reality is hitting close to home for Logan Luxury 5 Cinema in Mitchell and Dells Theater in Dell Rapids.

Dakota News Now is reporting that the Logan Luxury 5 Cinema and Dells Theater did reopen their doors recently for weekend matinee shows.  Since this is a soft reopening for the venues, each theater is only operating at 10% capacity.  This modification makes it difficult for the movie industry to release new movies during this pandemic.  Jeff Logan, President of Logan Luxury Theaters Corporation, tells Dakota News Now, "The entire industry is being held hostage by the pandemic because the studios don’t want to release their new movies until all the theaters can be open and we’re up to running full speed. The theaters can’t do well and can’t get back to full 7-day a week at full speed operation without new movies to play."

It's understandable why people are just not comfortable yet visiting movie theatres, but Jeff Logan does explain that he made it a priority to implement all preventive protocols needed to keep movie theater patrons safe and to slow the spread of COVID-19.  If individuals still feel uncertain, there is a way to still help the Logan Luxury 5 Cinema and Dells Theater.

"Save Your Cinema" is a national campaign that was recently launched to encourage movie lovers to speak out about the importance of keeping movie theatres up and running.  "To send letters to our congressional delegation and sign petitions that in any of the bills, relief bills being considered restart or if there's an extension of the Paycheck Protection Program, any of those bills that movie theaters be included," states Jeff Logan.

Click here to learn more about this endeavor and to sign a petition to support the new "Save Your Cinema" initiative.

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